Baby Bites was born in 2013 with the aim of helping those families that, far from losing their essence, wanted to have fun with parenthood.

Kids and babies world was so homogeneous at that time, so neutral and even so naif, that the dominant feeling that parents had (specially the rookie ones), was no other than the exceeded responsibility and that the higgest of changes, compared to simple life with no children, was coming.

Baby Bites became the missing touch, showing that parenthood, with the appropiate attitude, it’s a grown-up’s game!

Baby Bites founders, Sofia Marqués and Andrea Durall, fired a twist to an accessorize that up to that moment, wasn’t that common, the baby sleeping bag. They added a couple of eyes, some teeth and fines and turned it into a shark!

Even today, the shark is the flagship of Baby Bites being in almost 40 countries.

Baby Bites is a ‘made in Barcelona’ brand concerning practical and common babies accessorizes, a brand that any nowadays father or mother whant to have in their lifes.

With an accurate image and a nice background, Baby Bites’ objective is to keep generating once-in-a-lifetime memories with or products, with sense of humor and an appropiate positive attitude, to make you enjoy parenthood like a child.

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